Tribal Fusion Dance, S'mores, Hafla, Show Weekend!
This is a tentative schedule, it can change at anytime!!

Please bring your own Zills, Drums, Swords, and any extras you can to share. Mimi and I can only keep so much in our New York apartments :)

Some classes might be outside - weather permitting!

Camp Map
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Here's the schedule for 2019.
Thursday and Friday Morning is a special add-on!!!
The schedule can change anytime. Class descriptions are below.

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Jill Parker

Studio to Stage with Jill Parker
In Jill's Friday and Saturday workshops come learn a signature JP choreography to perform together at the Super Fun Saturday night showcase!! The environment for the performance promises to be challenging, focused and of course super fun!! Jill has years of valuable experience in setting you up for the most success possible. Join us for the full Jill Parker experience!

Should you prefer not to perform, worry not.... Jill will deliver insightful technique tune ups, drills and juicy combos to take away in order to expand your own repertoire!

*The illustrious and incomparable Jo Boring will be assisting to give you the very best take away possible!

Belladonna Boheme

Fierce & Flirty Fusion Fragments
Bring your fierce forward and polish up your flirting with Belladonna’s Boho Fusion Fragments. Perfect for building technique, working into choreography or group improv and polishing up your nuance. These industrial strength fragments- Collision and Fusion Fuel.. go hand in hand and will be the perfect companion to your favorite 4/4 music with an edge!

Sword Drills
“Practice makes perfect” is how the saying goes... in this technique focused workshop Belladonna will lead you through a series of technical drills and combinations that will improve your sword dancing. From balanced combos to held techniques, you will sharpen your skills and solidify your style. Including isolations, combinations, traveling drills and foot work. *please bring a sword

Dalia Carella

Rumba Flamenca Arabe
Rumba Flamenco is a style of Flamenco music and dance with an Afro-Cuban Rumba influence. Years ago, the dance was improvised with prominent hip and shoulder movements, more overtly sensual than other styles of Flamenco dance. This class will focus on Dalia's Dance Concepts blending Flamenco, Arabic Dance (Belly Dance) and Afro-Caribbean fiery skirt work. We will focus on technique and drills to strengthen and open the upper body, enhancing the beauty of this fiery and passionate dance style. Skirts required. Bring a full style, ankle-length skirt without slits.

Vintage Danse Orientale
Dalia Carella has been dancing Near/Middle Eastern Dance since the late 70s! The art form has evolved since then but there are some beautiful, vintage moves that deserve a comeback! In this class, Dalia will teach sassy combos leading up to a possible choreography capturing the essence of her exciting old school nightclub performances. There will a strong focus on floor design, musicality and stage presence, all timeless skills that any dancer needs!

Johanna Xenobia

12 Steps to Crafting a Performance
If you're ready to move beyond technique, into the realm of performance and art - this workshop is for you! These steps will guarantee you a meaningful and captivating performance, no matter your skill level. Whether you are a seasoned dancer looking to deepen your dance, or a novice curious about our art, you'll be surprised at what you learn. The process works for solos, groups, choreography, improvisation, and structured improvisation. Applies for any type of dancer or artist, no matter what genre - belly, burlesque, modern or other... anyone interested in learning how to create a performance piece or deepen understanding of music is welcome. Starting with our foundation - the music - we will demystify structure, identify themes, and discover meaning that already exists. This is a conversation, a co-creation between you and the music. We'll walk through this tried and true 12 step process and show a simple path through the sometimes daunting process of creation. This is not a movement workshop, it is a listening & discussion workshop. Bring a pen, an attentive ear, and an open mind.

Yoga for Every Body
Perfect for anyone who ever felt lost in a yoga class! This class pairs yoga philosophy with real-life bodies. Stiff? Inflexible? Back, neck, or shoulder pain? No problem! We safely explore range of movement 'without pain or struggle' as ancient yoga texts direct. We will work closely with alignment, focusing on staying mindful and listening to your body while we explore gentle but powerful movements and stretches. Come enjoy an amazing counter-balance to your dance practice or daily life. New? Perfect. Experienced? Great! Explore fundamentals with a new attention to safety and detail to aid in self-awareness. You will find compassion and understanding in moving safely for YOU... Namasté.

Diana Saylor

Classic ATS® fast moves
In this workshop we will break down a sampling of classic American Tribal Style® movements and practice them in fun combos. By the end of class you'll be dancing in groups to an ATS® staple.

ATS® arms and posture
Explore the iconic ATS® arm carriage and uplifted posture via slow, dramatic turns from the classic and modern ATS® vocab. You will leave with embellishments and combos that you can work into your own dance.


Project "Bra-Way"
Join Debbie Despina for a fabulous workshop/competition that will give you the tools to slap a bra together in NO TIME just in case you forgot your costume bra at home! "Deb-Gunn" will be breaking down the rules, and everyone participating will need to ask a "how-to" question related to the design you are trying to achieve. For example: what's the quickest way to cover my straps? There will be a check list of what to bring. In the end, you have to have a completed bra that looks like a stage wear costume piece. There will be three judges, DWebb Designs/Debbie Despina, Carmine and Dalia Carella, and awards as well! The final five contestants must wear their bra and will be required to do a strong shoulder shimmy. Any bras that cannot withstand the power of the shimmy are out! Bitching and stitching is strongly encouraged :-)

Casey Bond

Dancers! Drummers! Squirrels of all ages! Everyone is welcome to pick up a frame drum and start playing! Dancers and novice drummers will focus on the "no frills" versions of favorite belly dance rhythms, while intermediate drummers review the basics then move on to add fills and flourishes! Learn some snazzy call-and-response patterns from Casey's "Framed: Rhythms, Riffs & More" rhythm sheet. Experience the mysterious and hypnotic tones of this ancient instrument as we form a frame drum "choir" and play along to the songs and taxims. Please note: there will be a few drums to borrow.

Calling all percussionists- novice, beginner, intermediate and beyond! Learn to play Casey's original percussion piece "Super Fun Countdown!" as part of a conducted percussion ensemble. Warm up with some fun and funky rhythm drills-challenging enough for intermediate drummers, but with a "novice-friendly" version perfect for dancers and beginners. Yay! Then you'll bring the components of ensemble drumming to life. Learn to drum cooperatively, not competitively! The piece uses a full range of sonic diversity (davuls to bass drums to zills) with emphasis on crisp tones and dynamics! Everyone who attends this class is welcome to perform with Raq Steady & Friends in the Gala Camp Show! Please bring any hand drum- bass doumbeks and davuls especially welcome! Please note: there will be some drums to borrow.

Rehearse the original percussion piece "Super Fun Countdown!" Everyone who attends this class is welcome to perform with Raq Steady & Friends in the Gala Camp Show! Please bring any hand drum- bass doumbeks and davuls especially welcome! Please note: there will be some drums to borrow.

It's ALIVE!!! Playing LIVE Drum Solos Without Fear
Learn the secrets to playing short, fun, dancer-friendly drum solos using just a few basic rhythms and some truly simple (yet effective) solo accents. Pick up some practical tips and tricks to create OMG Openings and Raq Star Endings that will highlight and showcase the specific strengths of the belly dancer and delight your audience! Open to all levels but novice/beginner and intermediate drummers who are nervous performing live drum solos are especially welcome. In addition to lead doumbek, bring bass doumbek and frame drums to learn supporting percussion patterns. Please note: this is not a dance class but dancers are welcome!

Joaquin Colon

Split-Hand Review
Got the basics of split hand down, and are wondering how to improve, incorporate, and innovate? In this workshop, we’ll work on splitting the dominant hand, interlaced rolls, and snaps, to add flavor and texture to our rhythm-play and our solos!

Take Your Practice to the Next Level (Endurance Focus)
Have you heard the old adage “Practice Makes Perfect”? Think again! In order to truly benefit from practice, it needs to be accurate, focused, and tracked! In this workshop, I’ll show you how to zone in on specific aspects of your playing, get the most benefit for your time, and track your progress to stay motivated! This year, we’ll focus on endurance training, so that your favorite dancers don’t get disappointed when you can’t “last the night”! Come on now! You’re a drummer!!

Drawing Inspiration for Solos
A lot of people ask me how to solo, or where to get ideas for solos. The answer to the second one is.......EVERYWHERE! In this workshop, we’ll look at techniques to help us develop amazing solos! Some of them will seem completely ridiculous, but in order to stay fresh, we have to get comfortable with discomfort!

  Dance classes - prior knowledge is recommended but not required as we will have some beginner classes.

Drum classes - We'll have drums to loan, but please BYOD (bring your own drums). Beginners are welcome, but knowledge of the basic hits and rhythms is needed for the more advanced classes.

Swap Meet - Items should be new or gently used, and belly dance related. This is not a vending opportunity, so please, no mass quantities of goods. One-of-a-kind items: flowers, jewelry, choli's, skirts, Melo's, DVDs, CDs, etc are all fine. You are responsible for your own goods and transactions - please bring small bills to make change. Please bring a tablecloth or veil to cover your space (optional), and please tag anything you'd like to swap or sell with a price, your name & your email or phone number (not optional ) If anything gets lost, we want to be able to locate you.

Dance classes are in a huge 10,000 sq. ft gorgeous gym!

Swap Meet!