Tribal Fusion Dance, S'mores, Hafla, Show Weekend!
This is a tentative schedule, it can change at anytime!!

Please bring your own Zills, Drums, Swords, and any extras you can to share. Mimi and I can only keep so much in our New York apartments :)

Some classes might be outside - weather permitting!

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Keep in mind it can change anytime. Class descriptions are below.

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Jill Parker

Jill's Drills and Killer Combinations:
Ancient Art. Modern Interpretation.
Moving Emotion and Sensuality.
Technique Overhaul.
Belly Dance with Jill Parker

Devil in the Details!
We invite you to join Jill for a satisfying exploration of the sensuous and juicy belly dance details. Featuring: Hands. Arms. Framing. Moving Slowly. Posture. Taxeem. Pathways. Spins. Lines. Shape. Body Angles. Short Combinations. Drills. Details Galore!

Shimmy Therapy - Ready Aim Fire!
The Jill Parker Method: Earthy, fluid, juicy, percussive and loose shimmies are a trademark of Belly Dance, especially Tribal Fusion Belly Dance. We are going to drill varieties of loose shimmies until your body doesn't have any choice but to understand what we're after! Think Mechanics. Think loose and gooey. Think in the pocket, sure fire timing. Think heavy, low and loose pelvis. Jill will give you tools and drills for wiggling more excellence into your shimmy.

Belladonna Boheme

Sword: Improv Intensive
Belladonna is a master of sword dancing and is also the creator of the Bohemian Blade program and improvisation style. In this special mini- intensive dancers will learn some of her signature sword moves, balances and combinations.

Poi: Patience to Perfection
The popularity of the flow arts is on the rise and what could be more fun at Dance Camp? Belladonna is excited to present a poi practice & technique workshop to introduce you to, and help you develop the skills and technique for spinning. The workshop will focus on teaching you proper spinning technique, while layering belly dance moves onto some of Belladonna's favorite poi tricks.

If you have poi of any kind bring them along! Belladonna will have a few practice sets, or contact Belladonna for poi suggestions.

Brenna Crowley

Creative Arm Flow
Feeling stuck in the “bellydance arm frame” or that you’re doing the same arm motions over and over? In this mostly lead/follow movement flow, we will delve into different pathways that will breathe life and expression from your shoulders to the tips of your fingers. We will explore how creating shapes, using gestures, and playing with momentum and tension can complement your movement choices and aid in your storytelling. There will be some time for experimentation to different pieces of music where you are free to incorporate any arm movement discoveries into your own practice.

Johanna Xenobia

Belly Dance Inside Out
As dancers we are constantly moving our bodies through space. Often we carry the intention of aligning with the music, our dance partners, or connecting with the audience. Sometimes we convey an emotion, transformation, or theme. But are we really doing what we think we are doing? I invite you to explore your dance mindfully, from the inside out. Come investigate, with non-judgemental curiosity, what it feels like to belly dance in your body. By connecting deeply and mindfully with movement from our muscles and bones, we are able to dance with greater clarity and focus. Our authenticity enhances our performance, strengthening our presence on stage... and off. As this is a personal journey, it is accessible to all, and will enhance your awareness of yourself at any level. The challenge is only as big as you make it. You'll learn something new every time... All you need to be is willing.

Brad Mack

Finding your Doum - Beginner Doumbek Class
Students will learn technique and some of the most popular Middle Eastern rhythms. In introduction to some old favorite rhythms will a couple curveballs to entice the intermediate students. This workshop is for people new to playing doumbek, musicians who want an introduction to the doumbek and dancers who want to improve their understanding of the basic rhythmic structures of Middle Eastern to become a stronger dancer.

Casey Bond

Frame Drums for Everyone
Dancers! Drummers! Squirrels of all ages! Everyone is welcome to pick up a frame drum and start playing! Dancers and novice drummers will focus on the "no frills" versions of favorite belly dance rhythms, while intermediate drummers review the basics then move on to add fills and flourishes! Learn some snazzy call-and-response patterns from Casey's "Tribal Vibe" rhythm sheet. Experience the mysterious and hypnotic tones of this ancient instrument as we form a frame drum "choir" and play along to the songs Lama Bada and Mevlana.

Everyone who attends this class is welcome to play frame drum with Raq Steady & Friends in the Gala Camp Show! Drummers, please bring any frame drum (and a spare to lend!) Dancers, please bring a frame drum and zills! Please note: there will be some frame drums to borrow and some inexpensive frame drums (under $20) available for purchase.

Raq Steady & Friends Ensemble Percussion Workshop
Calling all percussionists- novice, beginner, intermediate and beyond! Learn to play Casey's original percussion piece (Moose on the Loose!) as part of a conducted percussion ensemble. Warm up with some fun and funky rhythm drills-challenging enough for intermediate drummers, but with a "novice-friendly" version perfect for dancers and beginners. Yay! Then you'll bring the components of ensemble drumming to life. Learn to drum cooperatively, not competitively! The piece uses a full range of sonic diversity (bass drums to zills) with emphasis on crisp tones and dynamics!

Everyone who attends this class is welcome to perform with Raq Steady & Friends in the Gala Camp Show! Please bring any hand drum- bass doumbeks and davuls especially welcome! Please note: there will be some drums to borrow and some inexpensive frame drums available for purchase.

Kylie Hilali

Drumming with Melody Instruments
In this workshop, you'll learn the drum part for basic Middle Eastern songs. Great for getting your jam on during a hafla or even accompanying someone during a show. This class is perfect if you know the basic rhythms. Other types of drums are welcome.

Carmine T. Guida

Doumbek Battle Class
What happens if someone challenges you to a doumbek duel? Be prepared! Not exactly a class, but a super fun way to end the weekend.

  Dance classes - prior knowledge is recommended but not required as we will have some beginner classes.

Drum classes - We'll have drums to loan, but please BYOD (bring your own drums). Beginners are welcome, but knowledge of the basic hits and rhythms is needed for the more advanced classes.

Swap Meet - Items should be new or gently used, and belly dance related. This is not a vending opportunity, so please, no mass quantities of goods. One-of-a-kind items: flowers, jewelry, choli's, skirts, Melo's, DVDs, CDs, etc are all fine. You are responsible for your own goods and transactions - please bring small bills to make change. Please bring a tablecloth or veil to cover your space (optional), and please tag anything you'd like to swap or sell with a price, your name & your email or phone number (not optional ) If anything gets lost, we want to be able to locate you.

Dance classes are in a huge 10,000 sq. ft gorgeous gym!

Swap Meet!

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